Categories is the smart place to search for a wide variety of fun, low-cost things to do in your community!


Spending more time and less money with family and friends makes life better for all of us. Everyone needs to get out the house and get involved with community – and maybe even make some new friends!


Believe it or not, there's a lot going on in your own community that you’re probably not even aware of. And when you support local businesses and events, you’re building a stronger community.


Don't waste time trying to find something to do, go to and GET OUT THERE. It's the FAMILY thing to do!


Take a look at a sample of the categories you can choose from:


Sporting events – From pro to college to high school, it's the spirit that counts. Find the activity that excites you and go with it! Get up, get out, and get game!

Stage and performance – All the world's a stage — especially in your community.  Listen to music, laugh out loud with a comedy, or thrill to a play or a show.  


Out and about – Instill a love of nature with parks and trails with your family, or cruise through nature on zip lines and river rafting. Search for all your outdoor activities here from petting zoos to Putt Putt.

In and around – The mind is a terrible thing to waste on video games! Turn on imaginations with mind and body exercises like museums, arcades, bingo, bowling, wall climbing or skating rinks. There is life after Nintendo!

Recreation – Local, state, and national parks are a refreshing source for free events that teach you more about Mother Nature. Pools to paintball, horseback to lakefront its all out there. Camping, fishing, tubing, canoeing, fun runs... if it moves, it's recreation.

Festivals and fundraisers – It's ok to spend money on a good cause. Instead of funding fast food this weekend, how about giving back to your community? Participating in local auctions, street fairs, your library events, and community action is much more rewarding. Going once, going twice, sold!

Site seeing – When “they” come to visit, they want to see the sites. You should, too. Do you know about all the landmarks, statues, historical sites, museums, art tours, and book signings in your area? You might accidentally learn something.


Holiday events  Don't fight over who's going to sit a the kid's table. Get out and see the lights, parades, decorations, fireworks, corn mazes and everything else that make the holidays unforgettable.


Wind and water – Mankind vs. nature, kid vs. splashpad. The eternal struggle has never been so much fun. Find your fun with water parks, pool events, beaches, kite flying events, balloon races, and all the challenges of nature.


Winter wonders – Tired of hanging around with your tongue frozen to the lamp post? Strap on the skis or snowboards and hurtle down a mountain! Join a snowman competition or snowball battle. Sled like a champion or jingle bells on a sleigh ride. Winter wonderlands were made for starry-eyed adventurers to wear themselves out and earn their hot chocolate!


All this and so much more awaits when you are ready to GOpher it!