BLINK MIDWINTER - Christmas Lights Display

Blink Midwinter is a residential synchronized Christmas lights display in Cumming, GA. The 2013 show is scheduled to run from Thanksgiving night through January 1st. is a Christmas light display that supports  We blink Christmas lights to music every night from dark til 10.  It's a great way to learn about canine, enjoy a little Christmas with the family and support this wonderful charity.


Please observe the following:

  • Please be on your best behavior.
  • On busy nights there will be traffic cones guiding you to the best viewing positions that also allow a smooth exit from our cul-de-sac.
  • When you park tune your radio to 92.7 FM, but don't blare it. Please turn your headlights off out of courtesy to our neighbors and to make viewing better for everyone, but leave your parking lights on so others know you're there.
  • Please don't park in or in front of our neighbors driveways or play on their lawns, and kindly let them into or out of their driveways when needed. Our cul-de-sac isn't that big.
  • Last but not least be careful when coming and going as people will be arriving and leaving throughout the show.


 Weather, traffic and technical issues permitting, the show hours are:

  • 5:30pm to      10:00pm Sunday through Thursday
  • 5:30pm to      11:00pm Friday and Saturday


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