Atlanta attractions for kids

As a parent, it’s important to find activities to do with your entire family. Family activities help create memories that your children will remember for years to come, bringing you closer together as a family. These days family budgets are tight — but that shouldn’t keep you from having fun!


Smiley faceAt, we’re here to prove you can have fun without spending a lot of money. If you’re in Georgia, family fun is as easy as going online and entering your zip code and date. GOpherLittle’s website instantly searches hundreds of listings for fun family activities in your area, with a price tag that fits your budget!




There are all sorts of attractions in Metro Atlanta for kids — like museums, library seminars, sporting events, and more. With our event suggestions and referrals, you will never miss an upcoming event again.


And, you can trust that your family is safe when attending activities listed on Every single event on our website is carefully inspected, to ensure safety for every member in your family.


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