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This New Year's Eve Do Something Else Besides The Peachdrop


In Atlanta, there’s no shortage of ways to bring in the bells this New Year’s Eve: From roller skating to snow slides, we’ve discovered a pick-’n-mix of fun things to do in Atlanta this holiday season. Better still, these activities and events are not only child-friendly, they are also either low-cost or free.

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Holiday Parades in and around Atlanta


The holiday season has arrived! With so many fun things to do in Atlanta, it’s time to begin making plans so that your family doesn’t miss the unique memory-making opportunities that come and go so quickly during the hustle and bustle.  Before you get completely engrossed in shopping and making arrangements for visits with relatives, take some time to invest with your own family- for little to no money- see a local Christmas Parade!  There are so many to see around town and each has its own flair to help your family create treasured memories.

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50 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta for Cheap and FREE


I can't think of one fun thing to do in Atlanta... I can think of 50! It's like potato chips. Once you've found GOpher Little, nobody can do just one.


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