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Planning A Birthday? Do it Low Cost!


There are dozens of fun things to do with your family and friends at birthday time. Once you gather the gang together, there are more than enough lively activities in the Atlanta area that are inexpensive yet rich with excitement. You can create some truly special memories for the birthday boy or girl with any of the activities below!

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Look Up, Look Around, Fall-time Fun Abounds


As Fall settles in around the Atlanta area it's time to get out of the house, enjoy the cooler temperatures and find some fun things to do with your family. While you're getting some fresh air, why not enjoy some aerobatics?

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Carousels of North Georgia: One of the Region’s Best Activities to Do With Your Family


Let’s face it – there’s really nothing more fun than a simple ride on an old-fashioned carousel. Kids and adults alike love carousel rides – with their flashing lights, beautifully carved animals, catchy music, and relaxing spin in the breeze. If you are looking for fun and cheap activities to do with your family, you can’t go wrong visiting one of Atlanta’s beautiful carousels. This list below contains 3 of the best and most beautiful – a visit to one of these is a great way to have fun in the city at little to no cost.

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Go Swimming, Beat the Heat & Find fun things to do with your family in Georgia


Is your family ready to swim?  School is out, so it's time for some fun-filled water play!  Whether you are looking for swimming instructions, lap lanes or just some relief from the heat, let's have a look at what Atlanta and area has to offer.

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Georgia family fun in Marietta GA


If you are looking for some quality Georgia family fun, look no further, Marietta, GA is the place to be. From history to adventure and great food that GOpher Little found for cheap or FREE! Marietta, this delightful charming city, is located 15 miles northwest of Atlanta.  It has a population of 56,000 and has been recognized as one of the most respected communities in the nation.

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Here comes the Sun! Fun Outdoor Family Activities in Atlanta


Spring will be here before you know it, so start planning now all the fun and exciting outdoor adventures & activities in Atlanta you can enjoy with your family. William James famously advised, “Stuff and nonsense! Get out into the open air!” Here are some Atlanta adventures that would make James proud.

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Have a Nature-Geo-Sightseeing fun weekend in Atlanta


At GOpherLittle, a little down time in your schedule means it's time to find something to do and see. What Atlanta area events or sights do you want to check out?  When the kids don't have a packed weekend schedule, and you are ready for some downtime, why not do some Atlanta sightseeing? How can you have a fun weekend in the Atlanta area or really any day of the week? Finding fun things to doesn't take a lot of work. In fact, it's pretty easy to find activities that everyone will enjoy. What are some of your favorites? At GopherLittle, you'll find a wide range of activities to engage in by using our search tool. How about these ideas? 

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Make it a special exhibit day


When you are looking for fun things to do on weekends with your family, museums are ideal. They take a little planning to get it right though, because it is really the special exhibits that make the family outing unforgettable. This year will be packed with some original and astounding exhibits in the Atlanta area.

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5 Simple Fun Activities To Do With Your Family At home


Thinking about engaging in fun activities with your family? Family fun activities are excellent and ideal in improving the family bond. Therefore, it’s wise to occasionally do some fun activities with your family members.

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10 fun-filled activities in Atlanta that will cost your family nothing!


Looking for ideas on family activities in the Atlanta area? Here are 10 fun family outings and best of all they are free!

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