Local festivals and events for Chinese new year in Atlanta


Who doesn't love Lion dancers? Chinese New Year is coming to Atlanta and this year will be spectacular. For everyone who though there would be nothing to do between Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year is the cure for the blahs.

There's no English translation for the Mandarin word “ren-bo” but it means something like “noisy, crowded fun,” and that's exactly what you will find at the Atlanta Chinese New Year Celebration. The Year of the Snake (or Little Dragon) kicks off on February 10, but the parties start the day before at the Chinese Cultural Center in Chamblee. The three locations of Doc Chey's Pan-Asian restaurants will be getting in the spirit as well with a party at the Morningside on February 13 and a Lantern Festival to conclude the new year parties at Grant Park and Emory Village on February 20.


On the evening of February 9, stop by the GSU Kopleff Recital Hall at 8 pm for a Chinese New Year Concert. Chinese-American composer Lei Liang has created a new fusion of traditional Chinese and World Music. Here are some of the pieces that will be performed:

  • Five Seasons for string quartet and pipa (traditional Chinese lute)
  • YUAN for saxophone quartet
  • Parts for Floating Space for saxophone and percussion
  • Lake for two muted trumpets and traditional Chinese music on pipa

If you want to get involved with the traditions, you will need reconcile with your enemies, forget any of your grudges and wish for everyone to find peace and happiness. That may be too much, so you can just fill red paper envelopes with cash and give them to children. Eat, drink, and set off some firecrackers this year and you are sure to have good luck until the Year of the Horse next January.

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