Happy Birthday GOpher Little!


Believe it or not GOpher Little turns one today. Happy Birthday GOpher Little!  We are breaking out the party hats and confetti but we figured you’d like to know a little about how we made it this year and share some of our exciting memories. We interviewed our founder Wayne Rowan with some of the questions you have had over the past year. Check it out:


What made you Start GOpherLittle.com? and tell us why you created this website.

I was driving to Church one Sunday in late spring 2012 and passed by a local high school (not a way I normally drive) that had a sign in front, telling about a play that was going on.  Unfortunately, the play ended the night before.  I started wondering why wasn't there a way for people to find out what's going on for those of us who are not "in the loop" about the "goings on" at high schools, cities, and counties.  As I sat in the pew during the sermon, I scribbled down what I thought the website would look like and that's essentially what we have now at GOpherLittle.com.

Why? To help people make memories.  What happens on a Friday night in a family household?  A lot of times it's out to dinner and then to a movie.  During the weekend it’s staying home watching TV, playing video games or on a computer.  What memories are made then?  With GOpherLittle.com, you might attend something different, like a tractor pull, dachshund dog racing, homemade Christmas light display or a parade.  You bond your family together, become a part of the community and make a memory.


When & how did the company start?

Well, the first thing I did after I came up with the idea for the website, was to tell 4 different people about my idea and ask them to tell me whether it was a bad idea or not.  They all agreed that it was a good idea and I raided my retirement to fund and started up in July 2012.


What’s with the Gopher?

Well the first name I thought of for the site was "Cheap Night Out.”  Turns out the domain name was already taken.  I then tried different variations of that name (example: "Our Night Out"), but Rob Marbury of Marbury Creative Group mentioned that people key into animals.  So we started pairing up Cheap with different animals (Cheap Rabbit, Cheap Dragon, etc.) until my wife said "Gopher Cheap" - a take off of "Go For Cheap.”  The Gophercheap.com domain name was also taken as well.  I was about to pull the trigger on CheapGopher.com, when Bob Jones of Marbury Creative Group (who came up with the name "Diehard Battery" and the jingle "My bologna has a first name"), said GopherLittle.com.  Right then we knew we had it right - we weren't cheap fun, we were low cost and sometimes FREE fun.


What was your most memorable moment this year? Personally? As a company?

Personally, it has to be our first outdoor marketing event last March in Suwanee.  The temps were in the 40's and the wind was blowing 10-15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph with a light mist.  First, we had the tent flip on us early on (concrete blocks didn't hold it down).  Then, the cold and wind made things very miserable despite being dressed for the weather.  As a company, it has to be the day we launched.  I think I was quoted saying "It's Alive. It’s Alive."


What would you say were some of your #1 reasons for success this year?

Having the right type of product and the ability to adapt.  Allowing people to search by location, price and type of activity is very popular.  Adding another category search as "limited time only" (eliminating search results like bowling, skating, putt-putt, etc.), as suggested by a user, shows our dexterity to adapt.


What are the next steps for GOpherLittle?

Along with attending parades and events, 2014 will be the year GOpherLittle.com will roll out our app on both Android and Apple devices.  More coupons and we also plan to enter into the Wall Street Journal's "Start Up of the Year" contest.  With some investment, we'll take the website national.


What would you like to say to all the GOpherLittle Fans?

If you like the website, spread the word, post events (examples: PTA auctions, high school event schedule, Church Holiday Concerts, etc.), use the site daily and like us on Facebook.  If you think the website needs something, please let us know (that's how we developed the filter "Limited Time Only").  Finally, thank you all for the prayers and support.

Here’s to a New Year!

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