Fun Things to Do in Atlanta for Animal Lovers


If you have kids in the Atlanta area, or you’re just one big grown up kid who loves animals you’re in luck. Atlanta is full of fun things to do on weekends with your family that involve animals from regular zoos, to petting zoos and more! If you want to get out one day to somewhere you can get a little closer to nature, check out the list below. All of the places are guaranteed to give you an up close and personal experience with some fine furry friends, and you’ll have fun and learn lots while you’re doing it!


Fall on the Farm

This fall how about spend a day on the farm? Petit Creek Farms is less than one hour from Atlanta and a few miles off I-75 N so you don’t have to go see Old McDonald to make it happen. Check out this 80-acre farm that is over 50 years old. In between cows giving birth and chickens laying eggs, who knows, you may even see a Camel spit or hear a Turkey gobble! Who can resist a good old fashion corn maze, the petting zoo, moonwalks for the kids, hayrides and pumpkin shopping!? Admission is only $10 for adults, $12 for children, under two are FREE. 


Tanglewood Farm

Sometimes just seeing the animals isn’t enough you want to be able to touch them too! You can do this at one of Atlanta’s best petting zoos, Tanglewood Farm. Head to the petting zoo to meet some farm animals. Your little one will love feeling how soft the goat is and visiting an old fashioned country town. Want to get in on the fun too? You can take guide leaded pony rides. Admission to the park is just $10, and children under one years old can come see the animals for free.


Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain

Love animals, but slow paced museums and calm experiences are just not for you? Fear not! On Pine Mountain just an hour outside of Atlanta, you’ll have access to the thrilling experience of watching creatures in the wild, as well as a great chance to get up close and personal with them, at the Wild Animal Safari. The park has both a 500-acre drive-thru safari experience, and a petting zoo, so you can get both ends of the extreme the tame and the wild. Expect to see lions, giraffes, wolves, and so much more! Tickets to the safari park are $19.95 for adults, $16.95 for kids 3-12, and free for toddlers under 2!


Yellow River Game Ranch

Want another place where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play? Then check out Yellow River Game Ranch, another adventure animal park set on 24 acres in Lilburn, GA. You won't actually find antelope there, but you will find deer, buffalo, rabbits, goats, and lots and lots more. Kids can pet and feed animals at Yellow River Game Ranch, and all of the creatures there are indigenous to the area. It costs $7.00 for kids to visit and $8.00 for visitors 12 and up.

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