Atlanta Nightlife: Fun Activities You Could Engage In At Night


Atlanta is one of those cities which never go to sleep. The night is just as good as the day. It has many activities just like the day. In fact, the only difference between day and night in Atlanta is the dark sky and dazzling lights experienced at night.


Atlanta is arguably one of the best night cities. You will always find fun things to do at night regardless of your age and specific preferences. Therefore, you should quit retreating to your home at night and go out to enjoy yourself. Here are some of the cheap and fun things which you could do to spice up your Atlanta nightlife:


Get Sporty

Atlanta is a popular night sports hub. Many of the stadiums and sports grounds have adequate floodlights to push the sports into the late hours of the night.  There are many places you go to immerse yourself or watch your favorite sport. If you are into basketball, you could attend an NBA match at the Phillips arena. Another popular stadium which hosts night matches is the Turner field, home of the Atlanta Braves.


Get Your Ribs Aching

When is the last time you had a good laugh? If you long to get your ribs aching, make your way to the Laughing Skull Lounge. You’ll definitely enjoy the incredibly funny comedy shows and stand up comedians. Other popular destinations for comedy lovers include The Improv Theatre and Comedy club; and The Whole World Theatre.


Dance Through The Night

Atlanta boasts of a wide range of night clubs and dance clubs which have very spacious dance floor and good music. If you feel boisterous, go to places like The Country Music, The Tabernacle, Café Tu Tu Tango, Havana Club, etc. Get on the dance floor and show off the moves you got! Each of these places plays different types of music to suit everyone regardless to their preferences.


Drive into a Movie

Atlanta has a the world renown drive-in cinema- The Starlight Six. Get a couple of friends, hop into a car and drive down there to watch one of the latest movies in high definition movie screens. You could even buy some popcorns and soft drinks to make the movie experience more enjoyable. A movie ticket here costs as low as $7 per head.

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  • Emma Bail says: 17 October 2014 (3 years ago)

    Agreed.Atlanta is a city which never sleeps and its so true that night is just as good as the day.In fact i just love to spend a whole night than a day in Atlanta.Its so amazing and awesome that i can't express it in words.I think this is one of the best city in the world to travel and spend the time. If anyone is planning a trip to Atlanta you really need to visit here once to make it more awesome.

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