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Welcome to GOpherLittle.com. 

Search GOpher Little for fun activities This is our very first blog, and we're so excited you're here. We've made it easy for your family to find low-cost events in your area. Whatever your family's style, we want you to find something fun and different to do. Search and, voilà, turn up nature, green, play, sports, history, arts, and entertainment events. We understand the family budget. All this fun has to be affordable — or you can't go. No worries!! We're offering discounts and coupons, and even more, we're adding as many inexpensive and FREE events as we can find.  


Life is busy –- school for the kids, work for us all. 

We run from soccer practices to the grocery store, to clubs and lessons all over town. Who has time to research local events or search for coupons? Every minute is stuffed. Worse, everyone holes up in different rooms when they get home to play video games, watch TV, and surf the net. Turn it all off and be impulsive. GOpherLittle.com is the smart way to get out with your family. Don't let another weekend slip away. Life is too short to miss the good stuff.


Do you have an event you want to share with us? 

Fantastic! You can add your events for free on our website. We'll check every event on our site just to make sure its family friendly. Another perk, you can upgrade your GOpherLittle.com account for access to premium promotions. We get being on a budget. Totally. 


Want to help support your community?

Attending local events does just that. We feel better when we spend locally. But don't keep the good times to yourself. Share them with your friends and family from near or far. Explore your community. You might be surprised by what's just around the corner. We are all about encouraging a sense of local pride. There's no place like home.


Search for your perfect event, grab your gear, and GO!

Double check your event details on your GOpherLittle.com calendar, fire up the GPS, and go! We’ll get your family heading out of the driveway for fun times, in no time. 


We are here for YOU.

The site has launched, and our dream is reality -- low-cost, local fun for families. Everyone here at GOpherLittle.com is on cloud nine.   


Make GOpherLittle.com your first place to FIND FUN FOR LESS! Explore all kinds of terrific local activities and events, and add the ones you don’t see! Let us know what you think, and share this with your friends.


Search GOpher Little for fun activities Search for something to do. It's easy. Indoors and out, you won't miss another movie-in-the-park, street fair, book fair, concert, fun run, or art walk. Thanks for dropping by. Good times are ahead. Keep checking back as we grow!

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