Make it a special exhibit day


When you are looking for fun things to do on weekends with your family, museums are ideal. They take a little planning to get it right though, because it is really the special exhibits that make the family outing unforgettable. This year will be packed with some original and astounding exhibits in the Atlanta area.

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5 Simple Fun Activities To Do With Your Family At home


Thinking about engaging in fun activities with your family? Family fun activities are excellent and ideal in improving the family bond. Therefore, it’s wise to occasionally do some fun activities with your family members.

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Free Yourself from Cabin Fever


With it's short days and long nights, winter has it's way of getting the most of even the best of us. These CHEAP and easy activities will bring a little variety into your routine and spice up even the longest of nights.

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Local festivals and events for Chinese new year in Atlanta


Who doesn't love Lion dancers? Chinese New Year is coming to Atlanta and this year will be spectacular. For everyone who though there would be nothing to do between Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year is the cure for the blahs.

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10 Fun Activities For Couples in Atlanta


Looking for cheap and fun activities to do as a couple in Atlanta? Don’t worry, GOpher has got your back! Life is short and you don’t have to spend it hustling for money so that you could have a chance at having fun. Atlanta is a big city with thousands of cheap activities you could enjoy as a couple. Currently, is having a Beta launch in Atlanta. That’s why we are very interested in helping people in Atlanta go out and have some fun. If you are not in Atlanta, don’t be worried since GOpher will soon be coming to a city near you!

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Jugglers + A Groundhog + Food + Fun


Q: What's a fun, unusual, and free event I can take my family to next weekend in Atlanta?


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10 fun-filled activities in Atlanta that will cost your family nothing!


Looking for ideas on family activities in the Atlanta area? Here are 10 fun family outings and best of all they are free!

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How To Find FREE Things To Do With Your Family On Weekends


It's easy now to find fun and affordable (even FREE) things that your family can do together. is you source for fun things to do in Atlanta, and we'll be adding lots of new cities and destinations as we grow. Prevent prevent boredom caused by doing the same things all the time. Our site allows your friends and neighbors to post all kinds of family-friendly events and discounts. It's like getting the inside scoop from a trusted friend, because all postings are subject to review by to make sure they are perfect for family outings. 

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Welcome to fun, low-cost things to do in your community


Welcome to 

Search GOpher Little for fun activities This is our very first blog, and we're so excited you're here. We've made it easy for your family to find low-cost events in your area. Whatever your family's style, we want you to find something fun and different to do. Search and, voilà, turn up nature, green, play, sports, history, arts, and entertainment events. We understand the family budget. All this fun has to be affordable — or you can't go. No worries!! We're offering discounts and coupons, and even more, we're adding as many inexpensive and FREE events as we can find.  

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