Haunted House & Parades happening in Atlanta


Are you wondering what is happening in Atlanta this Halloween?

There are haunted trails, doomed domiciles, overrun rail yards and bedeviled buildings waiting to give you an otherworldly thrill you won't soon forget. GOpher Little has the lowdown on all things scary this season so it's time to get going. Don't worry, the gore on these adventures might hurt to look at and the screams might sting your ears but the cost won't break the bank. 

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Affordable Fall Festivals In or Near Atlanta, GA


A wonderful way to stretch your dollars while enjoying fun, family time together is by checking out local festivals and events. The following four affordable festivals are perfect for a fall outing with the kids. They embrace the best of the area while keeping costs low. (Just beware of surprise spending opportunities most festivals are famous for.) They're also regularly ignored by tourists, allowing you to have a relaxing day out as a family.

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Looking for Fun Things to do with Your Family on the Weekend? Try Visiting Helen, GA


You’re looking for great ideas of fun things to do with your family on the weekend in the Atlanta area. If you had the time and money, you’d imagine yourself going on vacation, wandering cobblestone streets, taking in breathtaking Bavarian architecture, shopping at handmade antique gift stores, and dipping your feet in a lazy river. It sounds like you’d have to travel all the way across the Atlantic to Germany to go somewhere like this – but you won’t; cause in reality, there’s a place just like this just 90 miles from your Atlanta home – easily reachable and affordable for a family vacation destination. This place – is Helen, Georgia.

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Business Trip to Atlanta? Check out these Nightlife options in Atlanta, GA


Atlanta is a hub of entertainment in the south and its popularity is continuing to grow! It has a widespread appeal because it retains the old south manners and warmth while ushering in modern values and style! If you find yourself away from the kids for a few days on business in Atlanta, here are some great ways to enjoy the city after the work day is over.

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Look Up, Look Around, Fall-time Fun Abounds


As Fall settles in around the Atlanta area it's time to get out of the house, enjoy the cooler temperatures and find some fun things to do with your family. While you're getting some fresh air, why not enjoy some aerobatics?

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5 State Parks Within 50 Miles of Atlanta


With summer comes the urge to go outdoors, have some fun, relax in the sun, and fight mosquitoes. For the thousands who live in rural areas, this can be as easy as going into their backyard, but for the other thousands who live within cities, more drastic measure have to be taken. State parks are perfect for residents like this; with little to no cost of entry, state parks offer camping, hiking, biking, and fishing grounds almost year-round for families and individuals to explore. Georgia is rich in these parks, and in fact, here are five state parks within a fifty-mile radius of Atlanta:

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3 Great Family Road Trips: Fun Things to do on Weekends from the Atlanta area


If you’re feeling tired of the same old activities and attractions that Atlanta has to offer, and you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekends with your family – why not go on a short road trip? Georgia is full of cities and towns with great attractions for all members of the family  -- and most of them are such a short drive away. So, next time you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekend – load up the car, grab the kids, and hit the road to check out one of the great destinations below. 

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Atlanta After-Dark: Atlanta, GA Nightlife for Families


There’s tons for kids to do in Atlanta during the day – from the legendary World of Coca-Cola, to the beautiful Piedmont Park, to the world-famous Georgia Aquarium? But, what about at night? If you want to take your kids out for something fun in Atlanta after the sun goes down, check out the list below. It contains 4 great Atlanta nightlife ideas for families to try out after dark.

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Carousels of North Georgia: One of the Region’s Best Activities to Do With Your Family


Let’s face it – there’s really nothing more fun than a simple ride on an old-fashioned carousel. Kids and adults alike love carousel rides – with their flashing lights, beautifully carved animals, catchy music, and relaxing spin in the breeze. If you are looking for fun and cheap activities to do with your family, you can’t go wrong visiting one of Atlanta’s beautiful carousels. This list below contains 3 of the best and most beautiful – a visit to one of these is a great way to have fun in the city at little to no cost.

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