5 State Parks Within 50 Miles of Atlanta


With summer comes the urge to go outdoors, have some fun, relax in the sun, and fight mosquitoes. For the thousands who live in rural areas, this can be as easy as going into their backyard, but for the other thousands who live within cities, more drastic measure have to be taken. State parks are perfect for residents like this; with little to no cost of entry, state parks offer camping, hiking, biking, and fishing grounds almost year-round for families and individuals to explore. Georgia is rich in these parks, and in fact, here are five state parks within a fifty-mile radius of Atlanta:

  1. Red Top Mountain State Park 

    This park is found right on Lake Allatoona, and offers swimming, water sports, and fishing spots galore. A nearby marina offers boat rentals, and the fifteen miles of hiking trails means that there is something for everyone. Rental cottages are available for those who want to camp overnight or longer. Found only fourty miles from Atlanta, the cost of parking is $5 and entry is free.

  2. Sweetwater Creek State Park 

    Only 20 miles from Atlanta, Sweetwater Creek State Park offers visitors 215 acres of beautiful scenery chock-full of fishing, hiking, camping, and even GeoCaching. Entry is free, and only $5 needed for a parking pass.

  3. Hard Labor Creek State Park 

    Right on the edge of our range, Hard Labor Creek State Park is found 50 miles from Atlanta, but offers a golf course amidst a pastoral, wooded setting. With a beach, more than 20 miles of trails full of hikers and horseback riders, and many other attractions, Hard Labor Creek is well worth the 'hard labor' the drive from Atlanta. Entry free, $5 parking pass required.

  4. Panola Mountain State Park 

    Another close park at 20 miles from Atlanta, Panola Mountain State Park offers biking trails, orienteering (sports that require navigating with a map and compass), archery ranges, and more. A perfect weekend day trip, parking is $5 and entry is free.

  5. Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site 

    A bit different than the average state parks, Etowah Indian Mounds is “the most intact Mississippian Cultures site in the southeast,” according to GAStateParks.org. The Mounds are an educational experience for all visitors, offering a glimpse into historic Native American life. Group rates are available, and entry is as low as $3.50 for youth and $5.50 for adults.


No matter what anyone may say, Georgia is full of fun and inviting sites near enough to major metropolitan areas for the perfect weekend getaway.  

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