5 Simple Fun Activities To Do With Your Family At home


Thinking about engaging in fun activities with your family? Family fun activities are excellent and ideal in improving the family bond. Therefore, it’s wise to occasionally do some fun activities with your family members.


Family fun activities don’t necessarily require a lot of money. You also don’t have to jump in the car and go out to Disney Land or some other fair ground. Instead, you can easily engage is some simple activities from the comfort of your home. In fact, there are many simple home activities which are incredibly enjoyable for all the family members. Here are 5 family activities which you could do at home on a rainy day or perhaps when you just prefer staying indoors:


Tell a Story Collectively

Story telling is always interesting to the listeners but fairly boring to the teller since he/she already knows the whole story. You can change this and make a story interesting to everyone in the family. Simply get rid of a single teller! But how can you really do that? How is the story even going to be told? Tell the story in turns. Each family member should complete a line of the story. Start a random story and let everyone participate with a funny line.


Play Old Board Games

Pull your kids from the Playstation addiction and engage them in the board games you used to play when you were younger. There are many board games which each family member could find very interesting, engaging and quite educative. A very common one is Scrabble.


Construct a City

You could organize yourselves into a construction company and compete in constructing skyscrapers within a city. Compete and see who builds the tallest towers using books, plastic cups, cans or bottles.


Test Your Drawing Skills

Instead of consulting a professional artist, you could draw the family portrait all by yourselves. Everyone should draw a picture of himself/herself alongside other family members. You can finally frame the final portrait and hang it on your favorite wall.


Watch a Good movie Together

Families rarely watch movies together. That’s probably because everyone usually has/his or her movie preferences. You can change this by getting a good movie which everyone is sure to enjoy. Make sure the movie is suitable for family viewing and it doesn’t have any awkward scenes. Finally, get a good time when you all can sit and watch the movie from beginning to end.

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