5 Cultural Must-See Atlanta Area Events


There is much more to Atlanta than meets the eye. While short stop-over visitors will most likely dive into the city's more well known attractions, such as the Center for Puppetry Arts or the Aquarium, those who dwell in the area, or who are visiting for longer stretches should look a little further outside the box. If you do, you'll realize that Atlanta offers a wealth of interesting and fun events for the whole family to enjoy. Here are 5 must-see cultural Atlanta area events:


Kennesaw Mountain National Battleground Park

This park is a must see for anyone interested in American history, and makes for a great educational experience for the kids as well. The park stretches over nearly 3,000 acres of land, preserving a battleground from the Atlanta Campaign of the Civil War in June to July 1864. With events throughout the year ranging from organized walks to birdwalks and lectures, and free entry to the park itself, Kennesaw Mountain National Battleground Park offers a great deal.


Audrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Centre

For nature lovers and outdoorsy types, the Audrey Mill Nature Preserve is a beautiful place to visit. With 46 acres of lovely forests and tracks, and a variety of mature trees, wildflowers, and animals to discover and seek out, Audrey Mill is a real delight for the whole family. There are also events there though the year, particularly the spring and summer months, such as the 'Wild Weekend', a celebration of animals and plants.

Fernbank Science Center

In case you were wodnering, the Fernbank Science Center is not linked to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, but it's just as fun and exciting. Entrance is free, giving families the chance to 'make science fun' for their kids with a variety of displays and exhibitions. The real draw here, though, is the planetarium, which will only set you back $4 for the adults and $3 for seniors and students, and makes for a sensory and educational feast.


First Thursdays

On the first Thursday of each month, an artwalk takes place through Downtown Atlanta, where art galleries open up their doors and invite the public in to marvel over their displays between 5pm and 8pm. For art and culture lovers this is a real treat, and a great opportunity to explore the galleries and historical districts of Atlanta with like-minded people. The whole thing is free, and you'll even be given discounts on certain restaurants on the route.


Historic Oakland Cemetery

On the weekends at 10 am, and then 2, 4, and 6.30 pm, guided tours are available through this historic cemetery. The walk will take you past some famous Civil War heroes, and can be a great lesson for the kids, and a way to pay homage to the long deceased.


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