10 Fun Activities For Couples in Atlanta


Looking for cheap and fun activities to do as a couple in Atlanta? Don’t worry, GOpher has got your back! Life is short and you don’t have to spend it hustling for money so that you could have a chance at having fun. Atlanta is a big city with thousands of cheap activities you could enjoy as a couple. Currently, Gopherlittle.com is having a Beta launch in Atlanta. That’s why we are very interested in helping people in Atlanta go out and have some fun. If you are not in Atlanta, don’t be worried since GOpher will soon be coming to a city near you!

Without further ado, let’s go through 10 cheap and fun activities which couples could engage in Atlanta:


Take a Walk at the Atlanta Preservation Center

The Atlanta Preservation Centeris historical center which usually offers its visitors a walking tour of some of the most historical elements in Atlanta. You and your sweetheart can take a tour and sample Atlanta’s history including the old Fox Theatre palace of 1920.


Sample The Local Food at The Atlantic Station

Are you a foodie couple? Make your way to the Atlantic Station this Friday for Food Truck Fridays, where you could sample some of the best local cuisines. While you're at it, you could also enjoy the latest films every summer at the Central Park, which is also located within the Atlantic Station.


Go for a Picnic At Piedmont Park

Piedmont park is just the perfect place if you’d want to enjoy the natural serenity and an exquisite landscape with a wide range of strikingly beautiful flowers. While you go out for a picnic there, be sure to check out the Atlantic Botanical Garden.


Test Your Other Four Senses

Do you rely too much on your eyes? How would you fair in different environments if you lost your eyesight. Find out the answer by testing the reliability of your other four senses at the ‘Dialogue in the Dark’. This dark exhibition which portrays different environments will help you start ‘seeing with other senses’.


Catch a Movie at a Drive-in Cinema

A movie would be fun thing to enjoy as a couple, especially if you switch from the normal cinemas. Go out to a Drive-in cinema like the Starlight Six and watch as you experience the nostalgia of back then when Drive-in cinemas were the real thing.

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Have Fun With Your Taste Buds

Beer lovers have the privilege of tasting some free beer at The Red Brick, which was formerly known as The Atlanta Brewing Company. It’s currently a world renowned brewing company with a wide range of award winning beers. Beer tasting usually occurs between 2pm and 5pm. You could also go for a tour, enjoy a game on the wide screens or play one of the many beer games available for guests.


See How Well You Can Sing

Do you think you are a great singer? Would you like to serenade your lover? If you do, go to the Songwriters Open Mic. at Eddie's Attic. Here, you can perform your song and compete for a cash prize and an additional spot in the Open Mic Shootout which is held twice every year.


Sample the Atlanta Festivals

Festivals are a great time to enjoy free shows and sample some of the best Atlanta has to offer. Some of the festivals you could watch or participate in include the Atlanta Jazz Festival (for musicians), The Taste of Atlanta(for the Atlanta cuisine), The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival and The National Black Arts Festival.


Tour The Global News Channel

Would you like to see how the likes of Piers Morgan and Richard Quest prepare their news? Take a tour of CNN and watch how news is prepared and disseminated to the rest of the world.


Atlanta Sports

If you are a sports fanatic, you are definitely lucky to be in Atlanta. You could attend a variety of sports tournaments and matches as a couple. Some of the popular sports arenas include The Phillips arena for NBA, Turner Field, or if you are a hockey lover, check out the Gwinnett Gladiators


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 photo credit: by Alfredo López Editor GFN, LA West Coast

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