Labor Day Weekend Come to Atlanta


Getting involved in some Labor Day celebrations in Atlanta is a fantastic way to round off the summer with a bang. There are all sorts of great activities to enjoy and things to do, all of which will be easily affordable for the whole family. Let's take a look at how your Atlanta Labor Day weekend might pan out.

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Planning A Birthday? Do it Low Cost!


There are dozens of fun things to do with your family and friends at birthday time. Once you gather the gang together, there are more than enough lively activities in the Atlanta area that are inexpensive yet rich with excitement. You can create some truly special memories for the birthday boy or girl with any of the activities below!

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This New Year's Eve Do Something Else Besides The Peachdrop


In Atlanta, there’s no shortage of ways to bring in the bells this New Year’s Eve: From roller skating to snow slides, we’ve discovered a pick-’n-mix of fun things to do in Atlanta this holiday season. Better still, these activities and events are not only child-friendly, they are also either low-cost or free.

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Christmas Lights Around Atlanta


Few sights can compete with the magic and wonder of Christmas lights.  Driving around with the family all together, looking for light displays (both good and bad) makes for memories the family will treasure.  We have some amazing light displays to share with you to help you share this tradition with your children.

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Happy Birthday GOpher Little!


Believe it or not GOpher Little turns one today. Happy Birthday GOpher Little!  We are breaking out the party hats and confetti but we figured you’d like to know a little about how we made it this year and share some of our exciting memories. We interviewed our founder Wayne Rowan with some of the questions you have had over the past year. Check it out:

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Atlanta Area Santa Sightings


If you have young children, no Christmas Season is complete without a visit to see Santa Claus!  Growing up, there was only one place to catch that jolly old elf for a short visit and a priceless photograph- the mall.  But with the growing crowds and headaches that accompany a family trip to the mall, who really believes that is the best way to experience that magical tradition?  If you’ve been nodding in agreement, we’ve got great news for you!  We’ve checked in with Old St. Nick and found out where else he’s making plans to drop by to meet good boys and girls when he’s not stuck at one of the overcrowded malls in and around Atlanta.

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Holiday Parades in and around Atlanta


The holiday season has arrived! With so many fun things to do in Atlanta, it’s time to begin making plans so that your family doesn’t miss the unique memory-making opportunities that come and go so quickly during the hustle and bustle.  Before you get completely engrossed in shopping and making arrangements for visits with relatives, take some time to invest with your own family- for little to no money- see a local Christmas Parade!  There are so many to see around town and each has its own flair to help your family create treasured memories.

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Fun Things to Do in Atlanta for Animal Lovers


If you have kids in the Atlanta area, or you’re just one big grown up kid who loves animals you’re in luck. Atlanta is full of fun things to do on weekends with your family that involve animals from regular zoos, to petting zoos and more! If you want to get out one day to somewhere you can get a little closer to nature, check out the list below. All of the places are guaranteed to give you an up close and personal experience with some fine furry friends, and you’ll have fun and learn lots while you’re doing it!

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Halloween Parades and Ghost Tours in and around Atlanta


Recently, we let you in on some fun fall festivals in northern Georgia – but there's one celebration that outspooks them all. You could say that the other festivals never had a frighting chance. Don't sit around wondering what there is to do in Atlanta this Night of the Day of the Dead. Let the Gopher dig up some monsters for you. Vampires aren't the only creatures that do their best work with a pair of teeth, you know. This year, when the Great Pumpkin comes to The A, be prepared to be scared with this superlist of the best Halloween haunts.

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Haunted House & Parades happening in Atlanta


Are you wondering what is happening in Atlanta this Halloween?

There are haunted trails, doomed domiciles, overrun rail yards and bedeviled buildings waiting to give you an otherworldly thrill you won't soon forget. GOpher Little has the lowdown on all things scary this season so it's time to get going. Don't worry, the gore on these adventures might hurt to look at and the screams might sting your ears but the cost won't break the bank. 

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